ecommerce technology consultant

Make technology a catalyst for your eCommerce store not a money pit.

Where Do I Fit In?

➡ My focus is Delivery of complex Technical/Replatforming eCommerce projects that require communication between tech and non-tech stakeholders.➡ Resolving issues specific to eComm tech and marketing that is costing your store revenue.I also work with brands to help them manage their tech partner/dev team like a startup, introducing efficiencies and quicker delivery.➡ Eliminate wasted dev hours and really long timelines for critical features, while ensuring you're moving forward fast and working on what will make the brand grow.

My Background

After spending 7+ years in eCommerce which includes leading the technical department of a startup fashion brand from its initial launch phase to in excess of £50M revenue, I have picked up a thing or two on building the right technology and team within the business and now I want to help other brands do the same.

I embed myself within your team as your eComm Head of Tech.

  • Delivery of complex technical eCommerce projects and replatforms.

  • Technical Audit of your eCommerce stack identifying issues on how it is affecting your business.

  • Review all vendor contracts and softwares to identify and cull waste expenditure

  • Implement processes and practices within your dev team to improve not only the output and quality of work but also the relationship between your technical team and your other departments.

Get in touch

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