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Make technology a catalyst for your eCommerce store not a money pit.

My Background

After spending 7+ years in eCommerce building tech stacks and processes for fashion brands including a startup from its initial launch phase to £50M revenue.I have picked up a thing or two on building the right technology and team within a eCommerce business while keeping risks/costs down and now I want to help other brands do the same.Having a both hands-on coding/engineering background combined with management experience allows me to provide a more holistic approach to tech decisions reducing future headaches and maximising growth potential.

Where Do I Fit In?

Brands struggle to get the right technology team and stack for their brand because they rely on external agencies to make decisions for them that may not have a priority to go down the most simplest and cost effective approaches or they just don't know the in's and out's of what goes on inside an eCommerce brand and only see the outside.➡ My focus is Solutions design & Delivery of complex eCommerce projects that require communication between tech and non-tech stakeholders.➡ I don't replace agencies or internal dev teams, I work in the middle of brand stakeholders and technical implementers, ensuring there is clear communication, efficient releases and quality output.➡ I eliminate wasted dev hours and really long timelines for critical features, through LEAN processes.

Brands I have worked with

eComm Platforms I specialise in

Past talks

Some talks I have had the opportunity to present or take part in -Magento Live EU 2018 - How EGO is using UX Strategy & Flexible Payments to Accelerate its Purchase Journey
Digital Style Manchester 2019 - How understanding our customers is shaping our Tech strategy
Surviving Black Friday 2022 - Delivering Tech for BFCM

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