Optimise your technology. Scale your business.

I help Magento/Shopify business owners manage their growing eCommerce stores through clear technical solutions for complex problems, development team building and optimising your technology spend.

How can I help you?

"Hands On" Problem Solving

Great for merchants that need a costly problem solved urgently (within 1-12 weeks)

  • Working as an extension of your team
  • Transparent communication of process
  • Great for Integrations or bug fixing
  • Usually half the cost of working with your agency (Contact us to find out why)

Magento Technical Audit

Merchants requiring an independent in-depth review of their Magento store

  • Architecture assessment "Future Proofing"
  • Tech audit of user journey
  • Deep code inspection on points of failure
  • Review Magento/server logs

High Level Solution Design

For Agencies looking to breakdown a complex magento merchant project

  • Discovery session
  • Wakthrough of potential soutions
  • Also solutions to avoid
  • High level roadmapping

Building the right technology strategy

Growing an online store is a balance of getting your marketing, product and technology strategy right. By working closely with key members of your team to understand your goals/pain points and how technology can solve them, so you can focus on building your brand.

Let's Work Together

Tech Talk

Collection of thoughts and talks

I enjoy sharing my opinion via conference talks, podcasts and writing, often with a focus on LEAN engineering practices.

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